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SNIPER Technology

Discover the full range of SNIPER Systems, which allow the immediate implementation of scale operations ensuring maximum safety for operators.

SNIPER Technologies permit the management of the emergencies in a short time by letting the operators intervene immediately and in total safety.
The focus on innovative technologies, the fast availability of pyric charges, the rapidity and precision of intervention, make SNIPER System one of the most secure and advanced blasting methods among those available nowadays, reaching new prevention standards in the snow area.



Applied to fixed pulley systems

The use of SNIPER X System allows new life to fixed systems in the area. It provides a level of safety with a never seen before precision to mountain areas that are often difficult to reach by other means.

The numerous advantages of the SNIPER X System include its level of accuracy even in critical weather conditions, the mapping with satellite coordinates, its ability to manage scheduled and recorded missions, the use of technologically advanced products as well as an important cost reduction thanks to the recovery of existing plants.

The SNIPER X System has been designed to meet the needs of ski resorts and safety organisations with fixed pulley systems in their region which are often unused.

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